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Integrity Wins: Esposito Restored as MCC President

On August 12, 2022, the office of Madsen, Prestley & Parenteau, LLCAs announced, “As part of an agreement to resolve the claims filed by Dr. Nicole Esposito, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (“CSCU”) is reinstating Dr. Esposito to her position as Chief Executive Officer of Manchester Community College effective August 22, 2022. Through the […]

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Hartford Times Columnist

The Mar-a-Lago Raid: You Don’t Have a Dog In This Fight. Not Really.

This dog fight is between center-right Democrats and far-right Republicans and more about political grandstanding than protecting democracy.

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Peter Goselin Columnist

Take Notice: August is an Important Month For Democracy

The heat of August is not limited to climate alone but to the significant events that have taken place at this time of year in our democracy’s history.

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Melvette Hill Columnist

She Did That For Us

Nichelle Nichols was Uhura for over fifty years, on television, in movies, and at conventions, even though she didn’t want to be.

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Jamil Ragland Columnist

How Promise Programs Offer a Path to College Affordability and Aim to Reshape Communities

The beauty of promise programs is that you don’t have to leave. Colleges are supposed to be partners, but oftentimes they drain the talent out of the community.

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Kio Herrera Guest Columnist

Rapid Climate Change Requires Local Action, Too

Executive action, including state-wide shutdowns and other emergency measures are the norm for extreme cold weather conditions; the same actions are needed to address dangerous heat waves

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Peter Goselin Columnist

Staying With the Same Teacher Benefits Students, Research Says

There’s great potential to reorganize our existing set of adults who contribute to education systems in a way that would increase the amount of sustained interactions.

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Jessica Blake Guest Columnist

Connecticut Primaries: Prime Time for Multigenerational Family Civic Engagement

Voting is not only a right for adults but a learning opportunity for youth. When children are able to accompany their parents to the polls, it leaves an imprint; a lasting impression of purpose and each child’s ability to be part of and engage in this democracy.

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Melvette Hill Columnist

No One Can Be Above the Law, Even the President

President Trump may be the latest (and perhaps most egregious) example of executive malfeasance, but he is hardly the only president to behave unethically, if not outright break the law.

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Jamil Ragland Columnist

The Democratic Party Really Isn’t Very Democratic

It is both ironic and deeply troubling that the Democratic Party poses a major threat to the future of democratic elections.

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Peter Goselin Columnist

Supporting Students: What’s Next For Mental Health

Not all stakeholders are on board with expanding support in schools, which some say could burden educators and encroach on parent rights. When the superintendent in a small Connecticut town recently proposed opening a mental health clinic at a high school, for example, the school board rejected the plan. 

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Chelsea Sheasley Guest Columnist

Medical Professionals Need to Treat Black Women Better

Over the course of a 24 hour hospital stay, Karmen received some of the worst medical care I’ve ever seen. I know, because I was FaceTiming with her most of the time.

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Jamil Ragland Columnist

They Made Sure to Let Us Know They Could Have Killed Us

I spent the following day recalling all the experiences of homophobia and cissexism since coming out at twelve years old. Homophobia, cissexism, and biphobia come from within and outside the queer community.

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Aubrey Waz-Grant Guest Columnist

Don’t Miss Out! Connecticut Families are Eligible for a Tax Rebate

The answer to some of our unmet needs could be accessing cash benefits available to us through the Federal Child Tax Credit and/or the Connecticut Child Tax Rebate. Accessing these benefits is a right for those who are eligible and doing so is an act of civic responsibility and engagement.

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Melvette Hill Columnist

5 ways high school students can earn college credit

As the cost of higher education soars, more and more students want to get a jump on earning college credits. EDsmart looked at ways students could accomplish that goal.

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Aine Givens Guest Columnist

Hartford’s Public Arts New Initiative

Art allows for communities to come together to celebrate but also exchange cultures and approaches. Culture is the life beat of American cities and art fosters dialogue and sharing.

Public art can and will get so many in Hartford and beyond to respect cultures, histories and experiences. Hartford’s art initiative and its funding may only be a start to something more for our capital city and so many Connecticut cities.

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Jonathan L. Wharton, Ph.D. Columnist

Even in Connecticut, Our Rights are not Safe Until We Expand the Courts

If we want to protect the rights that we have taken for granted for generations, we have to take action. It is time to expand and reform the Court, and it is imperative that greater efforts are focused on state courts to ensure that they are willing to protect our individual rights when the Supreme Court will not.

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Steve Kennedy Columnist

How the idea of privacy has changed in the US

Stacker investigated the way the idea of privacy has changed in the U.S. during the last two decades using a variety of news and government sources.

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Emilia Ruzicka Guest Columnist

Dobbs: A Deadly Attack on Women and Much, Much More

The real victors in the battle over abortion rights are the wealthy few who benefit from every division and every form of oppression that exists in the working class.

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Peter Goselin Columnist

No College? No Problem

“Skills-based hiring” is catching on as fewer employers require college diplomas, a major step toward shrinking the racial wealth gap.

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MaryLou Costa Guest Columnist

PTSD and Social Unrest

A global pandemic and social unrest have provided a collective experience of traumatic events and the need to elevate mental health as a priority for the people of Hartford. Particularly pressing is the need to help individuals identify the distinction between common daily ups and downs – and what could be signs of a more serious mental health condition.

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Brayden Ransom Guest Columnist

Other Voices Matter More

My last column on gun control has me thinking, “What is my responsibility as a writer to respect the people affected by the topics I write about?”

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Jamil Ragland Columnist

Food Deserts Are Deliberate, But Black Farmers Are Fighting Back

Fresh, affordable food produced on local, Black-owned farms is one solution to the health inequities caused by segregation and racist grocery practices.

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Alexa Spencer Guest Columnist

Public Control of Utilities Provides More Democracy, Better Environment

Public control of utilities can be part of a new, direct democracy that gives communities more power over systems that affect our everyday lives and more of a say over systems that determine the future of our planet.

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Peter Goselin Columnist

Standing Against Despair: UConn Researchers Take On Gun Violence

With gun violence again dominating the national discussion, UConn faculty members are at the forefront of doing the research and gathering the data needed to approach the issue differently, and to craft real solutions to the problem.

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Tom Breen Guest Columnist

Dunkin’ Donuts Park Trial Demands Accountability of Elected Officials

For years, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin has been steadfast that the city was not at fault for construction delays and contract disputes…with a new court trial though, the City of Hartford could be responsible for tens of millions of dollars in damages.

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Jonathan L. Wharton, Ph.D. Columnist

Don’t Look Away

The atrocity of May 24th has shocked me out of that complacency. At the time of writing this, 21 people were slaughtered in a school, including 19 children. I found out through text — I knew it had to be something uniquely awful to get a text instead of stumbling across it on Twitter. I felt the same pit of my stomach as with Sandy Hook.

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Jamil Ragland Columnist

Leadership by Lawsuit and “Students First”

Given all we know about the structure of the system office, Connecticut’s deeply entrenched system of political ties, friendships, and cronyism, is this how we want to safeguard one of our state’s most important public institutions — our community colleges?

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Patrick Sullivan Guest Columnist

The Baby Formula Crisis: When Necessities Become Commodities

Maybe it shouldn’t trouble us if a company that makes television sets or shoes or dish detergent is under a legal duty to put its profits ahead of everything else. But here, when it comes to baby formula, we are seeing what happens when a human necessity becomes a commodity.

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Peter Goselin Columnist

Connecticut Begins to Take Climate Change Seriously

Connecticut is not a place where we have to convince people that climate change is real, but there is still work to be done to show how serious the situation is. Decreasing carbon emissions and making a more serious effort to shift to renewable energy sources are now a matter of our survival.

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Jamil Ragland Columnist

eSports Is the Future and Hartford Students Need a Level Playing Field

The NFL and NBA didn’t start off as the professional sports behemoths they are now and someday we’ll look back on this era as the moment when eSports began its ascendancy to similar heights of popularity. Hartford’s students need to be a part of building the future of the next great competitive sport.

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Jamil Ragland Columnist

Connecticut Deserves a Pro-People Judiciary

Unless we start to balance the courts away from its current corporate and prosecutorial bias, we will never have a judiciary that truly works for the people.

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Steve Kennedy Columnist

Understanding Cultural Norms Through Restroom Laws

Conversations about cultural norms are important and we should continue to have them, but let’s also remember to celebrate our diversity, to value each other’s perspectives, and to stand up to those who seek to control us.

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David A. Grant Columnist