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Integrity Wins: Esposito Restored as MCC President

Aug 12, 2022

On August 12, 2022, the office of Madsen, Prestley & Parenteau, LLCAs announced, “As part of an agreement to resolve the claims filed by Dr. Nicole Esposito, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (“CSCU”) is reinstating Dr. Esposito to her position as Chief Executive Officer of Manchester Community College effective August 22, 2022. Through the agreement, CSCU will reverse actions that were taken against Dr. Esposito last year, reinstate her to her position, and make a substantial payment to her.”

The Hartford Times previously covered the injustice Dr. Esposito experienced against the backdrop of broader corruption and lack of transparency within Connecticut’s community college system. Today’s victory is both a profound rejection of the status quo in Connecticut and a precedent for a new level of accountability in governance.

In their statement to the Hartford Times, Todd Steigman and William Madsen, counsel for Dr. Nicole Esposito said: “The settlement agreement also includes other terms that will hopefully make a difference for others in the CSCU system. Importantly, per the agreement, CSCU will also provide training to all executive and managerial employees regarding discrimination, retaliation, implicit bias, microaggression, as well as whistleblower and employee free speech rights and protections. Dr. Esposito made it clear to us from the beginning that this lawsuit needed to achieve positive changes that can help others in addition to herself.”

For her part, Dr. Esposito is eager to continue providing the best possible experience for the students and community of Manchester Community College. “I am humbled by all of the support I have received this year, and I look forward to returning to my position. I believe we have reached an agreement that helps move us forward in a positive direction.”

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