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Champion of Reform.
Advocate for the People.

We are a non-profit civic engagement platform providing solutions oriented journalism and public interest advocacy to build a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable democracy.


Our Goals

Our mission is to build a non-partisan, multimedia civic engagement platform to provide historically under represented voices access to their democracy while promoting community driven narratives and multigenerational solutions.

Pride of Place

Hartford shoulders the responsibility and expense of the region’s tax-exempt government, human services, and cultural assets. Yet, neighboring communities lack an affinity, respect, or appreciation for our urban core.

The Hartford Times promotes a new regional identity recognizing Hartford as the epicenter of our resources, shared opportunities, and cultural assets. We believe Greater Hartford must unite and self-identify as one city, one community — as one Hartford.

We define Hartford as our city limits, our metropolitan region, and our capital of Connecticut politics and law.

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Social Change

Hartford suffers from the consequences of institutional racism and short-sighted public policy decisions resulting in a disconnected community and a socioeconomic divide in our city.

We believe Hartford is in need of more compassionate content and consistent citywide interaction to reconnect us to each other.

The Hartford Times produces content and events to inspire and unite us; to be brave and empathetic as we explore our city.

Civic Action

The Hartford Times works to increase political participation and the collective power of our community to achieve public policy that reflects our shared values.

We believe voter turnout is the most important measure of an engaged citizenry. Hartford Votes is our non-partisan campaign to increase voter participation in our city.

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Our Values




















Moral Courage

Our Story

On October 20, 1976, The Hartford Times closed — ending a 159 year run — and Hartford became a one-paper town. In the following decades, The Hartford Courant was sold to a national corporation, losing local management and diminishing coverage of Connecticut’s capital city. Meanwhile, the iconic Hartford Times headquarters fell into ruin.

Without a champion of the city, Hartford’s narrative took a gloomy turn and residents became increasingly disillusioned, disengaged, and isolated by the media’s pessimistic coverage of their community.

In 2013, the University of Connecticut announced an ambitious plan to restore and renovate the iconic Hartford Times building as a new campus offering academic programs in public policy, social work, and urban and community studies to thousands of undergraduate and graduate students.

In 2015, Civic Mind began the work to revive the paper’s legacy brand and honor its history as the champion of the city. After six years of soul-searching interviews, research, and collaboration, the Hartford Times was launched on January 17, 2022.